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Frequently Asked Roofing Questions

How can I determine if my roof needs to be repaired or replaced?

Roof repairs can be carried out during the average 20 year lifespan but when roofing can no longer be protected from water infiltration despite regular maintenance, roof replacement may be required. Check for cracked or missing shingles and damaged flashings and contact a Unique Gutters and Exteriors for a licensed roofing service.

How long do new roofs last?

The average life span of a roof is about 20 years with regular maintenance.  Certain types of roofing can last 30 years or longer including cement fiber, tile, slate and copper.

I received quotes for several different roof prices, how do I know which one to choose?

Roof quotes may vary due to lack of insurance, the use of subcontractors, or limited experience. Property owners are advised to carefully research a roof contractor’s credentials since lower quotes may indicate substandard work.

What is the industry standard for warranties?

Manufacturer warranties are regulated by industry standards and cover defects in roofing materials only; while warranties for labor are offered by roofing contractors and vary widely depending on the contractor.

Can roofing be installed during winter?

There are no standard temperature guidelines for installing asphalt roof shingles although certain, materials can become brittle during colder months. An experienced roofing contractor will store materials properly and work with one bundle at a time. Unique Gutters and Exteriors offers qualified roof installation and repair at any time for the year.

My contractor wants to use staples instead of nails to install my roof. Is that OK? 

Unique Gutters and Exteriors uses industry recommended galvanized steel or corrosion resistant nails for all asphalt installations according to building code requirements and manufacturer recommendations.

How can ice dams be reduced or removed?

Using an ice pick or shovel should not be used to remove ice dams because of the risk of roof damage.  Remove as much snow as possible and contact a licensed roofing contractor for assistance. 

How do I get rid of moss or algae on a roof?

A mild detergent or solution of bleach and water should be applied by hand using a sponge and then rinsed thoroughly. Power washing and scrubbing is not recommended.

Can hail damage my roof?

Hail can cause damage to shingles and in more severe cases expose felt matting. Contact Unique Gutters and Exteriors for an evaluation following a hail storm or any other extreme weather event.

Can I paint my roof?

Yes. Certain latex premium quality paints can extend roof lifespan. Contact a Unique Gutters and Exteriors roofing service specialist for more information.