Slate Roofing in North Vancouver

Unique Gutters and Exteriors slate roofing specialist in North Vancouver provide specialized technical expertise in slate roofing techniques that include cost effective slate roofing service solutions designed to preserve the beauty and long lasting performance of exclusive slate roofing systems for commercial and residential properties in North Vancouver.

Slate Roof Consultation

As a certified slate roofing contractor in North Vancouver, Unique Gutters and Exteriors provides detailed consultations that include accurate specifications and design for high quality slate roof installation. Benefit from a team of skilled qualified and insured roofing professionals to ensure accurate drawing and measurements, detailed reports and price estimates and licensed slate roofing service before during and upon project completion.

Slate Roof Installation and Restoration

Whether you require slate roofing service, licensed and insured Unique Gutters and Exteriors roofing professionals specialize in meticulous slate roof installation according to the highest industry standards. Choose from a wide range of roofing options that include slate roof tile and slate shingles in a variety of colors and designs that are carefully matched to your existing architecture.

The Benefits of Slate Roofing

A non-porous roofing material that is fire proof, stain and water resistant, slate roofing systems while costly to install are the longest lasting and most beautiful roof options that have stood the test time of time. A proven roofing option that has been in use for hundreds of years, many historical buildings still retain their original slate roofs that have been carefully preserved over time. When professionally installed and regularly maintained, the longevity of a slate tile roof cannot be compared to any other roofing option. In addition to its durability, a home or historical building with slate roofing stands out distinctively among others as an example of classic and timeless architectural excellence.

Contact Unique Gutters and Exteriors roofing specialist in North Vancouver for qualified expertise in slate roofing installation, repair and maintenance today.